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In-Home Meal Delivery Service


Flying Fork Catering is pleased to offer gourmet meal delivery service so you can come home to delicious and nutritious meals, no matter what life throws at you!


For Weekenders…

No more midnight trips to the supermarket on your way home from a long day at work!  Coming home to your St. Michaels vacation home after a long work week should be relaxing and comforting.  We’ll help you make it that way by stocking your fridge with ready-made gourmet meals and the essentials you need for a perfect weekend.   Enjoy a great meal and have your coffee the next morning too – we’ve got you covered.


For those with busy schedules…

No time to cook?  Today’s hectic lifestyles sometimes cause us to skip meals or settle for fast food.  When life gets in the way, you can still enjoy a fabulous, nutritious meal right in the comfort of  your own home.  Just open your fridge for today’s dinner brought to you by our in-home meal delivery service.  Just heat and enjoy!


For those stuck at home…

Sometimes due to illness or injury it becomes difficult to cook for yourself and almost impossible to leave the house. While recuperating, nutrition is essential and the last thing you need is to compromise your already compromised immune system. Chef Barbara understands the importance of nutrition and will lovingly create and deliver exceptional meals that are as nutritious as they are delicious.


So, forget Chinese or pizza delivery. Don’t let the stress of hectic schedules or illness be compounded by the stress of struggling to figure out what to eat every day.

Contact us to find out more about in-home meal delivery service for your area or click here to place your order!